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Glow 101: The Ultimate Healthy Look

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As the U.S. makeup artist for Giorgio Armani Beauty, Tim Quinn is famous for making skin look astonishingly fresh. Here’s how he does it!

  • The trick to a subtle glow is highlighting liquid. I like dewy and not so glowy, and liquids are great for that. They’re easier to control than powders, and they work on every skin type.
  • Using a brush is key. With fingers you don’t get as sheer or even an application, and a sponge absorbs too much product. I usually mix two parts foundation with one part Armani Fluid Sheer, and apply it with a foundation brush. For dry skin, I even put some shimmer liquid in the moisturizer.
  • As an extra touch at the very end, I go back in with a powder brush. I love to blend a dab of liquid shimmer onto a fluffy powder brush, even though it’s a liquid, and dust it above the temples and along the bone on the outside of the eye socket (like I’m tracing a little “C” on the outer corners of the eye). On a thin face, I’ll add some to the hollow of the cheek, too.
  • I always take a little of what’s left on the brush and take it down to the neck and décolleté. It makes the whole look that much sexier and more natural.

Tim’s Shopping Tips:

  • Look for a dewy highlighter – something with micronized pearl so it’s more like an ethereal sheen and less like a glare or like glitter.
  • The secret is finding a shade that flatters your skin tone. If you’re very fair, a pale, mother-of-pearl shimmer looks incredible. For medium skin tones, I like a champagne shade—it creates a pretty, beachy glow without a bronzy feel. A rose-gold tone works great on olive to darker skin. And if you’re very dark, go for something with a coppery undertone, like Armani Fluid Sheer #3. Gorgeous.

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