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the girls who plays bristol palin tells us how to pull off parisian chic (go figure)

Off-screen actress Melissa Farman, who plays Bristol Palin, in HBO's movie Game Change, is no style slouch.

Her everyday speaking voice sounds 100 percent American and she plays Bristol Palin in the HBO movie Game Change, about John McCain's 2008 Presidential campaign (catch it this Saturday night at 9:00 EST/PCT) but actress Melissa Farman has a decidedly French vibe. She was born in New York, but moved to Paris when she was just two weeks old and traveled frequently between the two cities as a child. Today she has dual citizenship, yet identifies her nationality as French and considers her sense of style more Parisian than American. ”It definitely skewed me in the sense that Parisian women all wear very sober colors," she says. “When I came out to L.A. for school, I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb because I was in all beige and black and brown and dark blue.” A senior at the University of Southern California, Farman says her style is beginning to relax slightly, but that her favorite stores and favorite designers are all France-centric.

“I usually wait to go home to Paris to shop,” said Farman, who listed Maje, Sandro, Et Vous, Ba&sh and of course Hermès among her favorite labels. When she does shop in Los Angeles, she'll usually check out Vince or simply get on her computer and visit the virtual stores of Anthropologie, Rugby and an awesome accessories site, Malababa. So there you have it: French girl style is just a few clicks away.

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