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J.Crew's Gift Guides Were Edited by People Like Martha Stewart and Lauren Hutton

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Jenna Lyons, J.Crew's creative director and my eternal girl crush, just corralled holiday anecdotes and wish lists from some of her favorite people. Now, by extension, I somehow have a crush on this list, too. It's adorable, well-rounded and a little bit surprising, kinda like Jenna (okay, okay, I'll stop).

By sampling a range of ages and personalities, the roundup gives charming context to all the present-ready J.Crew pieces. From tycoon Martha Stewart to tyke Bella (a Crewcuts model) each person not only selected favorite gifts but also shared holiday stories and photos.

And it's the background that makes the list that much better. We can imagine photographer Mei Tao wearing the polka dot pajamas while using her favorite gift ever, a coffee maker with timer that she jokes "saved [her] marriage". Or Lauren Hutton pairing those chunky, candy-colored headphones with any of her famously classic outfits and one of her go-to holiday foods: jalepeño cornbread.

Either way, we love a side of holiday stories with our shopping. And Jenna crushes aside, we think you just might, too. Check them out here.

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