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Lucky Haul: Grown-up Galoshes

My soft spot for Hunter wellies will never harden. Those things are great; they carried me through college. Literally. Over puddles, across ice patches. But that doesn’t mean I can't make room in my closet for some more grown-up galoshes, like this Givenchy pair.

Yes, they were more expensive ($295, compared to $125 for my Hunters) but in price-per-wear, they sorta pay for themselves. With their quiet, matte rubber, lace-up arch and harness detail, they slant more towards equestrian boots than industrious rain gear.

Their design breaks the typical footwear rules, making them prettier and comfier simultaneously (unlike, say, any strappy stiletto I’ve ever owned). The laces are the trick, cradling my ankle tight enough to keep me from sliding or clomping around.

Between that fit and their overall look, my new wellies can brave both hideous downpours and my office dress code. If only it had more company in that category.

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