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My Afternoon With Team Zoe

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Yesterday, Rachel Zoe hosted a NYC pop-up shop for online boutique Piperlime, but she was hardly alone. Almost the whole Zoe crew buzzed around her: Rodger, Joey, Mandana and even client Molly Sims (sadly, no Jeremiah in sight).

After dubbing me "tragically chic" (I died) and peppering me with questions about my Phillip Lim bag (probably the only great part of my outfit), Rachel shared her holiday gifting tips and spirit animal piece of clothing. Un-shockingly, it's not maternity wear.

Joey joined in too, playfully bickering with Rachel in his typical way. They may not agree about gift cards, but one vote was unanimous: diamonds may not be clothing, but they're sort of everything.

We're starting to put together our holiday shopping lists and are wondering: would you ever give someone a gift card?

Rachel: I think its a great thing because a lot of people are hard to buy for. So if you give them one to their favorite store, they can buy whatever they want.

Joey: I think it's boring!

Rachel: It is! But it's for the person that you can't come up with something for.

Joey: Yah. No. I don't know.

Rachel: But like, if someone gave me a gift card to Bergdorf Goodman, I'd be so stoked!

But if that's not the perfect gift, what is? What's the best gift you've ever gotten?

Rachel: [says nothing, flashes her ginormous diamond ring]

Joey: My diamond Anita Ko spike necklace that Rachel gave me as a push present.

Rachel: That was for being in the hospital with me when I gave birth.

If you died and came back to life reincarnated as a single piece of clothing, what would you be?

Joey: A diamond.

Rachel: That’s not a clothing!

Joey: You can wear it.

Rachel: That’s true.

Joey: A really big diamond. A rare one.

Rachel: I would be...God, I need time for that. I would say a piece of Chanel couture. Like the sickest gown Karl Lagerfeld ever made in his entire life.

Joey: That would look good with a diamond.

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