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Pamela Love on Her New ShopStyle Collaboration—and What's on Her Holiday Wishlist

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I'm totally nuts about jeweler (and CFDA finalist) Pamela Love's tough, tribal cuffs and pendants. So when I heard about the designer's newest team-up with fashion search engine ShopStyle, I couldn't wait to check out the goods. Love's created an exclusive three-piece capsule collection for the shopping super-site: a silver diamond-shaped pendant, a red resin tribal cuff, and (my personal favorite), her classic small spike necklace, redone just for ShopStyle in a new rose gold finish.

But that's not the best part: the new trio of limited-run trinkets cost slightly less than many of Pamela's primary-collection pieces. The diamond pendant checks in at $175, the cuff at $195 and the rose gold necklace at just $225.

After trying on the new designs, I sat down with Love and Melissa Davis, ShopStyle's Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, for a chat. "We'd just started discussing doing exclusive collaborations, and we love everything Pam's ever done," said Davis. "We thought that jewelry would be the perfect way to test out the concept, so we approached her about it. We partnered with her for her show back in September and have been working with her ever since on these new pieces. Her aesthetic fits everything we were looking for in a partner!"

"I love projects like this, where I get to take elements within my brand and tweak them for someone else," Pamela added. "We kept everything at a reasonable price range, so I'll reach a lot more people than I usually can. I picked three pieces I felt were iconic to the brand, but that also lent themselves well to being updated with new colors or finishes."

Next up, the busy designer's headed to the mountains of North Carolina with her fiancé for an antique furniture-shopping spree. "We're moving into a new place soon, and all my old furniture's been destroyed by my cats!" she laughed. As for the smaller gifts she's wishing for this season, she's jonesing for her first-ever iPhone, a new Jerome Dreyfuss bag and some chunky Suno platforms. "And Pendleton throw blankets—you can never have enough of those!" she added.

Pamela Love's designs for ShopStyle are available exclusively at ShopStyle.com. Click here to pick one (or three) up now.

Courtesy of Pamela Love

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