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Pop Princesses: Then and Now

Last week, Britney Spears celebrated her 30th birthday. Both Jessica Simpson and Beyoncé are currently pregnant. Christina Aguilera and J. Lo have found a second success—and gained legions of new fans—in the world of reality television. Make no mistake about it: pop's It Girls of the late '90s and early aughts are back and better than ever.

Question is...were they even "gone" to begin with? And now that they're older and (perhaps) wiser, have their style statements improved as well? Click through the gallery to compare the music moguls' looks from back in the day with what they're sporting now. Plus, shop items inspired by each of our favorite pop phenoms.

Christina Aguilera: Now

The golden-voiced songstress still favors a bold beauty look, but often chooses leather separates, black leggings and Louboutin pumps while playing judge on The Voice. And as for the occasional bit of backlash over her body-conscious picks and newfound curves, well, Christina would probably consider that something that makes her "a fighter."


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