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Rag & Bone's New DIY Campaign Stars Hanneli Mustaparta

Usually Rag & Bone's DIY campaign stars a supermodel, like Miranda Kerr (who posed for hubby Orlando Bloom) or Candice Swanepoel (who played around topless while on vacation). But the latest DIY edition goes in a different direction, turning the project over to a style blogger, Hanneli Mustapatra, instead.

At first it might seem strange. Isn't the point of the ads to give creative control to models, who we usually only see in manufactured outfits in pre-determined settings? Bloggers like Hanneli, after all, produce these sort of homespun, organic images all day long.

Yet there's still something different about Hanneli's DIY photos than the ones she posts daily. On her blog, she's always poised and polished, in pictures artful enough to rival magazine editorials.

But her Rag & Bone snaps are either playful (with Hanneli brushing her teeth, or self-taking a photo like a teenager on Facebook) or moody and grainy— but in a good way. Here, the photos match the clothes within them: eye-catching, but certainly not fussy or overdone. Like the label's varsity jacket, which we're still kinda dying for.

Check out the full reel here and some of our favorites below:

Rag & Bone looks good with everything. Even flatforms.

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