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You Can Actually, Realistically Buy Elizabeth Taylor's Stuff

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Yesterday I peeped into Elizabeth Taylor's closet, drooling over the fist-size diamonds and technicolor caftans on display at Christie's auction house.

But while I won't be bidding on any of those security-guard-mandating pieces at their upcoming sale, I might just be able to buy a little something of Ms. Taylor's after all.

From now through December 17, Christie's is auctioning 950 of Elizabeth's personal items in their first ever online only sale. Starting at just $100, the lots are lower priced than the main auction, but equally as fabulous: Art Deco brooches, Dior clutches and Valentino blouses all worn and loved by the late screen siren.

When I last visited the site, I found a Chanel blouse going for $150 and a 1920s bracelet hovering at $400. Finally I know exactly where to find ultra-glam, vintage holiday gifts with some serious history behind them.

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