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Six Scents: Half a Dozen Unforgettable Perfume Commercials

Every December, big brands aggressivly roll out perfume commercials in hopes of enticing last-minute shoppers. Although we don't recommend buying anything without an in-store sniff, the advertisments are always a blast to watch.

Between elaborate sets and celebrity endorsements, each one is a mini movie inspired by the fragrance's backstory. Plus, since they have to sell perfume sans scent, companies get hilariously creative with their methods. We've rounded up our all-time favorite campaigns and this season's debuts for your viewing pleasure.

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1. "White Diamonds" with Elizabeth Taylor

An airplane! Suspensful music! Diamonds! We're not quite sure what's happening here, but we like it. One can never get enough of Elizabeth Taylor, especially when she's covered in that much jewelry.


2. "Stetson" Holiday Campaign
Because who doesn't want to frolic in the snow...on a horse...with a cowboy?


3. "Chanel No.5" with Nicole Kidman
Eerily similar to her role in Moulin Rouge, Kidman plays an actress (as opposed to an exotic dancer), who falls in love with "the only person in the world who didn't know who she was." Sure, it's a wee bit dramatic, but c'mon—the New York skyline taken over by Chanel? What's not to like?!

4. "Miss Dior Cherie" as directed by Sofia Coppola

Now this is VERY good advertising (And directing! Props to Sofia!). All we can think while we watch this happy little French ingenue prance between Parisian boutiques and pastry shops is, "We want her life, please!"

5. "Wind Song" by Prince Matchabelli

Not only is this song catchy as a Bieber hit, the girl looks as perfect and pretty as she did when it first aired in 1998.

6. "J'adore" with Charlize Theron

Now there's been some debate amongst the Lucky staffers as to what exactly is going on in Dior's newest ad. Is Charlize channeling Marilyn Monroe? Or is the late starlet actually there, simply conjured by her desire to wear Dior perfume? Watch and decide for yourself!

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