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Skinny Puffers

Slip them under your regular coat and no one will be wiser, provided you choose a dark shade and a slim enough fit.

Cashmere Tanks

While it might seem like a lot to pay for a tank top, the price-per-wear math makes it practical. Throw it under any sweater and you'll insulate without creating Michelin man arms. Victory.


Mimics the warmth of a turtleneck, then slips over your head when you want to unveil a prettier neckline.

Sweater-Blend Tights

Way, way warmer than doubling up on sheer pairs, they're perfect under pants on ultra-frigid days.

Leather Staples

Swap thick sweater dresses for a leather sheath.The fabric's ridiculously warm but not bulky, so tossing a long sleeve tee underneath and a cardigan over will still look streamlined.