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Versace for H&M, Take 2: The Complete Collection

We just spotted images of Versace's entire second collection for H&M on Vogue UK and are totally torn. Starting January 14, the new items will be available online only. Unfortunately, since the Swedish brand doesn't do e-commerce in the USA, scoring a piece is going to be tricky.

While die-hards might consider an actual trip to Europe (All that money you save by shopping fast fashion balances the cost of travel, right? RIGHT?), other options include hitting up international pals for help or trolling eBay post-launch. Kind of makes you nostalgic for those round-the-block, 5am line waits, huh?

Discouraging logistics aside, let's just take a moment to enjoy the clothes. In her second collaboration, Donatella chooses to highlight a more playful side of the Italian brand with pretty pastels and fruit prints. Click through the slideshow below to see the entire range and let us know what you plan on buying. (And, more importantly, how you plan on doing it!)

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