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Web Pose-Off 2011: #Menswear vs. #Fashion

I'll be frank with you guys: we spend a lot of time in the Lucky offices reading fashion blogs. One might say we border on obsessive. With all that time spent perusing personal styles, we've noticed that bloggers love to pose. (We know. Shocking.) Some have a signature, some mix it up and others just go with the flow. One day, while pondering the complexities of the universe, we decided to challenge some of the #menswear writers on the web to mimic the poses that some of our favorite #fashion bloggers love.

And that's exactly what we did. After accepting the challenge, Justin Chung (who photographed the whole thing), Sean Hotchkiss, James Jean, Gabe Alonso, Noah Emrich and I took to the streets of SoHo and tried out some blogger poses. I'm not going to tell you who posed best, because we're all friends here, I'll leave that up to you.

And ladies, please remember, for the love of all that is good: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Jeremy James for The Glamourai

Here, a favorite blogger of ours, Kelly Frammel of The Glamourai shows us how much mileage she gets out of her favorite shades.

Justin Chung

Gabe Alonso, James Jean, Justin Chung, John Jannuzzi and Sean Hotchkiss as the Glamourai.

The Style Student

by Nicole Loher

Who: Nicole is one of the more popular fashion tumblrs out there. She posts outfit shots, answers reader questions and has done some pretty impressive projects...she was also a finalist for our Faces of 5F contest.

Trademark: Sultry MacBook photo shoots.

Nicole Loher

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