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Agent Provocateur's Creative Director Gives Us Tips for Sexy Holiday Gift-Giving

Appropriately kinky lingerie label Agent Provocateur is famously beloved by editors, A-listers and pretty much anyone who likes beautiful underthings that are more cheeky than precious. In the spirit of giving, we called up the British brand's Creative Director, Sarah Shotton, for advice on selecting—and requesting—intimate items this holiday season. Read on for our Q&A with the lingerie expert and then shop some of her favorite yuletide-appropriate items in the slideshow.

Lots of guys are probably planning to buy lingerie for loved ones this holiday season, but it can be a tricky process. What tips can you offer?

Guys: try and figure out what your partner's size is. Either steal one of her bras to reference, or go through her knicker cupboard on your own. Also, make sure you choose a gift that's "her." Don't pick out a black playsuit, for instance, just because that's something you'd like to see her in! If it's not her style, she won't wear it. It's not uncommon for the girls who work at our stores to ask male shoppers about their girlfriend's music taste and general personality to get a better sense of who they're buying for. Guys should always go in with an open mind, because our girls are there to help them out!

What Agent Provocateur pieces make especially great gifts during this time of the year?

Well, Christmas is definitely the time for red lingerie—it's so sexy and festive. Any of our black and pink Fifi sets are very iconic AP, and slightly retro. I also think a lot of people forget to pick up stockings. They're so versatile, no matter whether you go for seamed or fishnet ones. And dressing gowns are another nice, classic thing to receive on Christmas Day.

What if you're on a tighter budget? Fancy lingerie adds up fast...

We've got loads of great bath and beauty products right now. The new L'Agent fragrance is incredible, quite sexy and musky. There's bubble bath, body creams, soap on a rope...even games! Strip poker and "sexy charades" are a favorite.

Is there anything us girls can do to streamline and simplify the present-buying process?

Guys like being given a wish list. Here at AP, we offer special cards in-store that ladies can use to take notes on what they'd like to get. They can write down their favorite colors, their size, everything. It's like a registry system for lingerie. [Editor's Note: You can do this online, too!]

What would you advise that girls request? Particularly if they've never owned much high-end lingerie and want to start building a collection of their own.

Our basques are really amazing. They look good, offer support and are great to wear beneath a structured dress. I also love the quarter-cup bra, which gives really beautiful cleavage and allows you to wear more low-cut dresses. Suspender belts are amazing—they elongate your legs, slim your waist, and are just so sexy in general. And a babydoll makes for a real treat. It's something a girl might never buy for herself, and while it's good for "bedroom purposes," it's nice to just sleep in as well.

Any final tips regarding the gift exchange?

Definitely consider the guest list before you start opening presents! If Granny's over for the holidays, you might not want to unwrap your AP gifts just yet....

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