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Goop Goes Mobile: Gwyneth Paltrow's Got an App for That

As a diehard fan of actress/singer/supermom/rock star wife Gwyneth Paltrow, I look forward to her Thursday Goop emails as much as, well, the weekend. So when I heard that the SERIOUSLY AMAZING lifestyle site was getting an accompanying mobile app, I couldn't wait to test-drive it myself.

Compatible with both iPhones and iPads, Goop City Guides is an ongoing, updating series of location-specific "little black books" packed with the actress' favorite dining, shopping and sightseeing spots. And while NYC is the first city she's tackled, Los Angeles and London guides are on their way.

There are 18 sections within the New York guide, the first of which happens to be my personal favorite. Called "A Day in New York," it's a several-minute-long video of G.P. wandering the streets of SoHo, checking out the Chelsea art galleries and strolling the High Line. With the ethereally-lit clip, we get a glimpse into Gwynnie's (admittedly charmed) off-duty schedule, from morning coffee at Balthazar to "grown-up drinks" at the Carlyle Hotel.

There's a second video, too, featuring Gwyneth and Rudy—her chaffeur of 15 years—chowing down on New York pizza slices and trading gentle barbs. "You keep me on my toes," laughs Rudy when asked how he continues to tolerate his boss' antics year after year. Oh, Rudy!

In terms of the app's new utilitarian functions, you'll find individual sections containing Gwyneth's personal recommendations for everything from fine dining to art hotspots to health clubs—plus tips for getting around the big city by foot, bicycle, subway or taxi. Of course, I made an immediate beeline for the Shops category, and was happy to find that, while it contains some predictable Manhattan landmarks (Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman), they've also thrown in some more off-the-beaten-path boutiques like Brooklyn's Stuart & Wright and the West Village's charming Castor & Pollux. And considering the blonde icon's now got a cookbook to her name [Ed note: We use it every week!], it should come as no surprise that her recommended eateries are deliciously on-point. She's included healthy haunts like Angelica Kitchen and Sushi Yasuda, of course, but there's also the downright decadent Pies n' Thighs and Babbo. Excuse me, but I've got some reservations to book.

Granted, those who enjoy poking fun at G.P.'s uppercrust persona will find lots to ridicule in this new app—namely, that Gwynnie's deflected to the British spelling of certain categories. Still, discovering that the actress loves vegan café Teany (a favorite of mine as well) and adding the location to my "Favourites" page felt pretty darn posh. "Goops," she did it again.

Get the Goop City Guides app for $3.99 at the iTunes App Store.

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