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Holy Unicorns! Lisa Frank is Making Clothes for Adults

Calling all children of the '90s: Lisa Frank, purveyor of school supplies plastered with smiling dolphins, frolicking golden retrievers and top-hatted pandas, has added clothing to her website. ADULT clothing. The predictably colorful goods, which include polar fleece pullovers, tie-dyed shorts and one truly beguiling plaid flannel cap, are available in both children's and adult sizes. Lisa Frank, after all, is ageless.

Take a trip down memory lane and peep the complete collection of Lisa Frank clothing here. As an added incentive, if you purchase over $50 worth of the feel-good stuff, they'll throw in six free holiday pencils. With toppers.

And just for kicks, check out the Uprights Citizens Brigade's hysterically hypothetical take on a Lisa Frank biopic, as discovered by our pals at Nylon. It's a must-watch for anyone with a lingering soft spot for multicolored unicorns and Trapper Keepers.

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