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Meet Lucky's New Lifestyle Contributor!

Meet Stacey A. (Appel), the winner of our search for the newest Lucky lifestyle contributor! Stacey is an editor at Boho magazine and heads up The Dedicated Follower of Fashion, a music, fashion and culture site. Her style heroes include Goldie Hawn in Cactus Flower, the Ballets Russes and '70s/early '80s Michael Jackson. She's even writing a book about the King of Pop's contribution to fashion.

Along with hundreds of other Lucky hopefuls, Stacey entered the lifestyle contributor contest earlier this year. She survived all five fashion challenges—competing against a very strong group of contestants (see our finalists here)—that tested her editorial eye and design skills.

She grabbed the judges' attention with her "Entertaining, My Way" submission. Each contestant was asked to play hostess and design her perfect dinner party, complete with menu, table setting and, of course, a complementary outfit. Stacey's eye-catching table was not only super-stylish, but also super-affordable—everything she included was second-hand. We loved how she added very Lucky-esque notes to each picture, explaining why she picked each piece.

Her pop art-inspired style came through in other challenges, too, like when she shared her decorating tips and declared her love for vintage bell-bottoms. You can check out all of Stacey's entries here.

Below, we talked to Lucky's newest contributor about dressing models at Fashion Week, the London theater scene and what winning this contest means to her:

What got you interested in fashion?
I thought I wanted to be a designer so I majored in fashion design at Drexel University. But after college, at my first job, I realized most "design" jobs don't involve much actual designing; I ended up just filling out a lot of purchase orders on the computer. I'm much more into the "hands-on" side, I love to draw and sew. So I quit my job and used some money I had saved to go to London. While I was there, I started working with costumes and I felt like I had found a place where I "fit." I eventually moved to NY and worked backstage running wardrobe Off-Broadway and at Shakespeare in the Park (the BEST!). I love being behind-the-scenes! I did a lot of model dressing at Fashion Week too, so I still kept one foot in fashion. I love being part of both worlds.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
I would say I'm a bit of a tomboy. Most of my style icons are men (and most from the '70s, like Marc Bolan, the Faces and the Jackson 5). I have a closet full of little blazers, found in the boy's section since I prefer the way they fit. I do own a few dresses but I don't get a lot of use out of them. If I can get away with wearing fancy shorts to a dressy event, you can be sure that's what I'll have on.

What should Lucky readers know about you?
I'm kind of dorky! It's a quality that I used to feel was a total hindrance, but now I fully embrace it. Also, I am addicted to Dance Central on the XBox. I'm ridiculously competitive, much to the chagrin of the neighbor who lives beneath me.

Why did you enter the contest?
I entered because I love to write, especially about fashion and style. I've been writing on a semi-amateur basis for so long and since these types of opportunities don't come around often, it just seemed like a no-brainer to enter.

What was your favorite challenge?
Probably my favorite challenge was the final, "Working the Room." I just adore my apartment—the way I furnished it is an extension of my taste. I used to wear a lot of vintage '60s and '70s clothes and while I've toned that down, I can't help but channel that into how I decorate. Plus, any time I get show off my Goldie Hawn Laugh-In chair is a gold star day in my book!

What does winning mean to you?

Winning means that I get a chance to get my work out into the world. More eyeballs! I've been reading Lucky for years so I couldn't be more stoked to have a chance to contribute to a mag I'm a fan of.

One last question: you're writing a book on Michael Jackson. What was his biggest contribution to fashion?
He totally changed the way we dressed back in the '80s. All of that red and black? That was all him. The colorblock leather jackets? That was him, too. Kids were wearing bedazzled white gloves to school and getting in trouble for it. And thanks to Balmain, his style was resurrected for a new generation. His wardrobe still looks pretty fresh.

Congratulations, Stacey! We can't wait for you to come to the Lucky offices!

Readers, look out for Stacey's contributions in the coming months. Want to get in touch with her? Email to her attention at feeback@luckymag.com.

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