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Minnie Mortimer Teams Up With Tennis Brand Boast

Planning on hitting the tennis courts or escaping to a resort this holiday season? You'll want to live in Minnie Mortimer's striped polo dress, designed for iconic sporting label Boast.

Born and raised in New York City, Minnie started her career as a photographer, but when she whipped up a simple white shirtdress for an editor pal, orders for similar styles began rolling in. Minnie says the piece, now her signature, "was inspired by the crisp and sleek presence of a man's shirt. I wanted something for myself that was effortless and professional, but I needed it to be subtly sexy—and that came through with tailoring."

The West Coast-based Mortimer has collaborated with Boast on a striped, polo-neck style that's equal parts polished and preppy. "Tennis was a big part of my life as a girl," she said, "and the aeshetics of Boast are very specific to that certain sporty community in my life."

Starting today, Minnie's tennis dress is available for $140 in either midnight lilac or mint gray. Pick yours up at boastusa.com.

Courtesy of Minnie Mortimer

Left: The designer. Right: Mortimer's sketch for her Boast creation.

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