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These monogrammed bags will keep her fancy clothes protected.

A nod to the infamous friendship bracelet.

A personalized book is a great alternative to another onesie for that kid-who-has-everything.

A bamboo handle on a multi-colored python bag: can't get any more original than that.

A make-up bag full of nighttime essentials.

We promise she won't have this one.

A unique gift for an athlete who wants to wear her number off the court.

Ticketmaster offers gift cards ranging from $25-$250—perfect for all budgets.

Can this be any more luxurious and cozy?

An engraved frame makes anyone feel special.

Treat someone to a new bouquet of flowers each month—it's super-thoughtful.

Elephants represent strength, honor, stability and patience. And they make for good ring stackers.

An iPad case that doubles as a slim clutch.

The silver charms and glass dish keep these candles looking new all year long.