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Jeff Koons X Khiels: An entire liter of hydrating contemporary art.

Put down the baby powder and start shaking this heavenly scent anywhere you please.

There is no better scrub than this delicious smelling brown sugar one. This set celebrates the glory of the whole line.

Even the most elite candle snobs will be impressed by the luxurious scent of this one.

Thank you for coming to my holiday party...on my nails.

The gift that keeps on giving you expertly applied makeup.

Aesop is for the no-fuss beauty lover. This duo is a cleansing/moisturizing game changer.

People seem to unanimously love this truly yummy scent. And the hot salt scrub is a winter must.

Just one drop and you'll find yourself in the midst of the most relaxing bath you've ever taken—and it somehow actually makes you sleepy! Experience it to believe it.

Bringing new meaning to the term all-in-one—inside this very cutely designed bottle is a makeup dissolver, a cleanser, a toner and a hydrator. WOW.

Very high-end almond scented products are tucked into this gorgeous box—for a not-so-high-end price.

This scent is as dark and musky as the sleek, black bottle suggests.

Your friend is probably still messing with the first Body Glow, but this one is pretty much the resort collection of body oils, in that it feels like a trip to Tahiti with each use.