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Rachel Zoe Loses Luggage—But Gains Two New Collections

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Rachel and Rodger earlier this month

If there's one thing super-stylist Rachel Zoe isn't, it's a light packer—remember how many suitcases she lugged to the European shows back in September? But when Rachel and her husband Rodger jetted to Miami and St. Barts earlier this week for their holiday vacation, one of the Bravo star's bags was lost in transit. And according to Page Six, the MIA suitcase contained some pretty valuable pieces—namely, a Tom Ford for Gucci vintage leather jacket and tons of Missoni beachwear. Zoe was able to pick up some emergency threads for her shoreside holiday while in Miami, but still...losing your luggage sucks. And though American Airlines is trying to track down the misplaced bag, it hasn't turned up yet. Can't her pal Marc Jacobs (who's also spending time in St. Barts this week) whip her up something to wear?

Don't feel too bad for her, though. Zoe's unveiling two new categories within her eponymous fashion empire for February 2012 and broke the news via the LG Mobile-sponsored video below. While the types of product she's planning to introduce are top-secret for the time being, we're happy to take your guesses. Could Rachel Zoe-branded skincare, home décor or tech toys be coming our way?

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