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Pumped-Up Kicks

Platforms aren't the most ideal pick for long hours on the dance floor. Enter the world's sparkliest, most fantastic pair of sneakers.

Towel Tableau

What good is a piece of contemporary art if it can't dry you off post-dip?

Grainy Frames

Wayfarers may be well and good, but these babies look like they're carved from wood.

Statement Sequins

The ultimate embellished jacket—to match your scenester's sparkling personality, of course.

Light My Fire

Crafted exclusively for the incredibly hip Hotel Costes in France, this candle lets you bring a little eau de Paris into your own humble abode.

Power Hour

Leave it to Jeremy Scott to dream up the coolest cartoon-inspired wristwatch ever. Even partiers need to be prompt!

Retain Yourself

This gleaming pendant might not be orthodontist-approved, but it's sure to be a conversation starter at the bar.

Give 'em the Finger

You can customize this knuckle ring with your own favorite nail polish, too—because an it girl's gotta have her signature.

Finely Tuned

With her retro good looks and sultry sound, Lana's the name on every music blogger's lips right now.

Precious Cargo

Every scenester and her sister's got a colorful Cambridge Satchel to call her own—but the label's collab with Comme des Garçons is truly out of this world.

Phone Tagged

Electro-shoegaze ringtone optional.