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EXCLUSIVE: See All of Miss Piggy's Designer Looks from the Muppets Movie, Right Here!

With her soaring self-confidence, iconic blond ringlets and ultra-expensive taste, it's easy to see why Miss Piggy's the current apple of the fashion industry's eye. Add the fact that the fine swine's currently-playing blockbuster is making some big box-office bucks and we'd caution some of Hollywood's other top leading ladies to watch their backs.

Thanks to that A-list status, M.P. was able to call on some of the style world's biggest names to dress her for her turn in The Muppets. For the first time ever, take a look through the posh piglet's silver-screen wardrobe, provided by the likes of Zac Posen, Jeremy Scott and Burberry. Hey Moi...any chance you'd let us borrow that quilted trench?

Call it puppet love: a Chanel-clad Miss Piggy cuddles up to Kermie, who's in head-to-webbed-toe Brooks Brothers.

Courtesy of Disney

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