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What's Your Season? We Take the "Color Me Beautiful" Challenge

Remember Color Me Beautiful? Written by Carole Jackson in 1987, the longtime New York Times bestseller claimed that each person can easily determine the "season" that best fits their skintone and hair color. Once they've discovered whether they're a fall, spring, summer or winter, they can then build their wardrobe and beauty regime around their seasonal assignment so as to "look great and feel fabulous" (according to the tome's cover, at least).

The success of the book eventually spawned a complete makeup empire based on the concept of shopping for one's skintone-specific season. And while the core idea might be a bit dated, your Lucky editors were curious as to whether seasonal dressing and beauty still had merit. So we called on stylist, editor and color expert Julie Matos for a little guidance. After just a few minutes discussing our favorite colors and wardrobe must-haves with Julie, she was able to assign each of us our own season—and the results weren't at all what we expected.

See below for our seasonal assignments, then click each link to check out the pieces we found to complement our suggested palettes.

Digital Fashion News Editor Elana gravitates toward dark, classic colors like navy and black. But Julie thought she'd look best in rich pastels and even neon brights, thanks to her rosy undertones. SEASON: SPRING

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