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Digital Fashion News Editor Elana gravitates toward dark, classic colors like navy and black. But Julie thought she'd look best in rich pastels and even neon brights, thanks to her rosy undertones. SEASON: SPRING

For Digital Fashion Writer Natalie, it's all about fun neons and crisp white. But Julie said her tan complexion can easily handle hunter greens and rich pumpkin shades. SEASON: AUTUMN

Senior Producer Karen's got auburn-toned hair and alabaster skin, so she generally picks deep fall hues. Turns out, she should be going for winter whites to complement—not match—her coloring. SEASON: WINTER

Andrea, our Digital Production Assistant, is a fan of muted tones and generally steers clear of brights. Interestingly, Julie said her light brown hair and fair coloring would look great against cerulean blues and tomato reds. SEASON: SUMMER

For lucky web intern Ellen, anything goes—she's got the blonde hair and blue eyes to carry off nearly any color. Julie recommended she experiment with sunny orange, Spring 2012's must-wear hue. SEASON: ANY AND ALL