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10 Fashionable Things You Still Can't Buy Online

To keep up with a generation of consumers who prefer to purchase from an app than a brick and mortar store, the majority of fashion companies now sell their lines online. Mega chains like Zara and Topshop have launched sites in multiple countries and most foreign brands now offer international shipping. Even luxury brands like Burberry have increased their internet presence, with live-streaming shows that can be shopped almost immediately after. Yet, despite the the growing world of e-commerce, there's still a select group of brands that refuse to head online.

Not that we mind occasionally sacrificing instant gratification for an actual store visit. Picking out a pricey investment piece in person can make the entire purchase seem more special. Plus, knowing that someone else can't immediately order the same thing provides a smug (but admittedly wonderful) ahead-of-the curve feeling.

Do you think that all brands should make their products available online? Or do prefer some things to stay super exclusive? Find out which designers and specific products still require an old-fashioned shopping trip. Trust us, they're all worth the trouble.

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

Although the wedding guru's lower priced "White by Vera Wang" line is on David's Bridal's website, her main collection is a boutique exclusive.

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