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Two Crazy-Looking Beauty Treatments (That I Can't Wait to Try)

From left:
Scalp euphoria at the Vince Smith Hair Experience;
Strange bliss at the Miraval Resort & Spa

1. Double Vibrating Neck, Traps and Scalp Massage, the Vince Hair Experience

Scalp massages are truly one of the best things in life—a good one renders you immobile with bliss. This one looks terrifying—but I want to get it anyway because it could be the best thing that’s ever happened me. Are those vibrating hair dryers?!

2. Naga, Miraval Resort & Spa

One part rhythmic gymnastics, two parts massage, a therapist uses silk suspended from above to maximize stretching and melt tension. Naga refers to the Buddhist “half-human serpent”—exactly what the woman in this photo is channeling.

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