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Bangs. I haven't had them since the Bang Incident of '06, but I'm ready to give it another try. Freja's are the best bangs in the game. If you're ready to try it out—bring her picture to your stylist. (If you live in NY or feel like flying here for a haircut, go to Teddi at Sally Hershberger downtown).

Go red. Taylor Tomasi Hill is killing it with that bright red hair. I've been mustering up the courage to do this for months now and I think it's finally time to retire the summer surfer-girl highlights. I'll keep you posted.

Purple eyeliner. Why? Mostly because it's not black. You can use this as a shadow too—if the whole purple eyeliner thing freaks you out. But mainly, my point is to try something new. Like a fun color you wouldn't normally wear. Come on!

Change your signatue scent. This one is hard for me, but I'm willing to change it up for a minute. I love all fragrances from Clean so I'm going to add this new one called Cotton T-shirt into the rotation. Nothing smells better than a cotton t-shirt. Right?

Bright lips. I'm sure that many of you are already brave enough to do this, but every time I try it, I end up wiping it all off. Not this year! I'm making a promise to you all right now. The next time I appear in Lucky magazine it will be with very bright lips. (This is Nars' Heat Wave.)