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Another Reason to Love Zooey Deschanel: She Spends $2,000 a Month on Clothes (But Has Zero Credit Card Debt)

Former Lucky cover star Zooey Deschanel has had a wild couple of months. On the upside, her Fox sitcom The New Girl is a bona fide hit. (It's gotten better and better throughout the season: so good that it's now my favorite funny show on TV. Especially since Bored to Death was canceled. What a crime.) On the downside, she recently filed for divorce from her husband of two years, Death Cab for Cutie singer Ben Gibbard. Sad.

Divorce is depressing and I can only imagine what Deschanel is going through privately. But it is interesting to note that when it comes to managing money—and more importantly, shopping—she's a stellar example for all of us to follow. Because the star filed for divorce, her financial records have been released to the public. Yes, she makes a crapload of money ($95,000 a month for The New Girl) and she spends a good chunk of that ($2,000 each month) on clothes. We're jealous. But she also has ZERO credit card debt, a ton of money in savings ($1.5 million) and a ton invested ($1.6 million). She also gives away about $1,500 each month to charity.

My budget is clearly way different from Zooey's. But I believe her strategy can be applied to any circumstance. Don't get into debt, spend money on things you love (but not an insane amount of money) and save more than you spend. (Like my grammy always said, pay yourself first.)

How much do you spend a month on clothes and other non-essentials?

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