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Get Organized in 2012 With MyMiniWallet

My wallet overflows quickly. Most days, its extra pockets are stuffed with various ids, old receipts I'm scared to trash and every gift card I own. (You know, "just in case" I'm out shopping and happen to need it.) So, when my editor asked me to check out "MyMiniWallet"—a digital storage app—I was definitely on board.

The free download is ideal for those, like me, who want to be prepared for any situation. Using it is easy: first, you to photograph both sides of an important document to save on your smartphone before adding key information (like balances, expiration dates and reference numbers). Then, you store each entry in one of four major categories—gift cards, receipts, coupons and memberships—for later use. And if you ever lose your iPhone, everything is pin number protected. Phew.

Thanks to this handy program, I've started to ditch my heavy billfold at home to carry cute mini-sized bags. You can, too. Click here to save your shoulders and your sanity!

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shopping tips