Duct Tape Dresses: A Gallery of The Prom Trend Sweeping North America

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If it actually rains, these outfits are totally water resistant.

Images Courtesy of Duck Tape® Brand

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The most memorable part of prom is—and will always be—the outfits. Dressing formally is a novelty in high school and most teenagers go all out for the occasion. For some, this means paying hundreds for a princess dress or tux. To others, thanks to Duck Tape® Brand's "Stuck at Prom" contest, it's a chance to make a masterpiece.

This coming spring marks the adhesive company's 12th annual scholarship competition. Over a dozen years, they've been giving talented teens cash awards for making duct tape ensembles and wearing them to prom. (Each first prize winner gets $5,000; runners-up receive between $3,000 and $500.)  The contenders are judged on five criteria—workmanship, originality, use of color, accessories and use of duct tape. Then, the finalists are placed in an online gallery where the general public votes for their favorite couple.

Past victors have crafted expertly tailored pieces that—beyond a telltale latex-y sheen—are hard to discern from actual fabric. Many of of them drape beautifully and are adorned with intricate, imaginative patterns. Despite the overabundance of corset tops and flamboyant props (it is prom after all), we seriously think some of these kids might be Lincoln Center-bound.

Click through the slideshow below to see some of our favorite looks and visit Duckbrand.com to learn how you (or the teen in your life) can enter this year.


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