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Exploding Nail Polish (And My New Art World Ascendency)

If Andy Warhol had made this, I have a feeling the art world would have gone into raptures. The asymmetry of the jutting nail polishes would represent something esoteric and profound and the shiny silver caps would become a symbol of…cultural greed? And global corruption. In reality, I had been hoarding a bunch of beautiful red nail polishes that didn’t make it into stories in a box by my desk, and the famously-overbearing New York City heating system pumping through the vents in our building must have caused the chemicals inside one of the bottles to react and explode!— simultaneously creating a mess and fusing the surrounding polishes together to create an accidental art installation that I keep in plain view on my desk and take credit for (“Yes, it’s a sculpture of sorts, and yes I somehow thought of it and made it.”).

This gorgeous jumble is made up of some of my favorite reds:


There’s Zoya Asia—perfectly vampy:

Nubar Prize (I love layering same-color glitter over polish):

Sally Hansen Wine Not (which I’ll have to get another one of since it’s situated awkwardly in my sculpture so that I can’t easily unscrew its cap):