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Eye-Lining 101: The Lucky Beauty Department's Favorite, Most Flattering Technique

Fairchild Archive

Here's what beauty editors talk about when we talk about makeup artist Trish McEvoy: One, the woman does not age. And two, we've never found an eye-lining technique we like better than the one she pioneered twenty years ago, using an art-store paintbrush that she'd snipped down to size. Over the years she's further refined her technique:

  • Start with eye primer to disguise tiny veins or redness.
  • Dip a slanted eye brush into a pigmented definer (eyeshadow in dark brown or black). Press the brush into your upper lash-line. Repeat the pressing against your lashes to create a line, wiggling it a bit as you go.
  • Tilt the line up a bit at the outer corner to create a glamorous effect and give the eye an instant lift.
  • For extra drama, dot eye pencil between your lashes to make them look thicker.
  • Curl your lashes and finish with a curling, lengthening, or volumizing mascara.

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