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Christian Louboutin X LA Lights

You remember LA Lights, right? The shoes by LA Gear that lit up when you walked. I can't speak for everyone, but for an 8-year-old midwestern girl there was no better thing that could have happened to my feet. So why relegate this genius technology to sneakers? I want my studded booties to be lighting up all over 4 Times Square.

Carhartt X David's Bridal

I imagine that when I get married I'll be searching for something workwear inspired and just won't be able to find it. Whether your marriage is a gay one or a straight one—why do we have to wear ruffles, bows and full skirts to walk down the aisle? On this day more than most other days, you'll need something a bit more utilitarian or so I've heard. John says, "Ray, now it can really be the happiest day of your life."

Marchesa X Nike

Move over Stella for Adidas. There's a new activewear line in town and it's FANCY. There has to be a very large handful of womens that don't get any exercise because they can't find anything expensive enough to wear.

Oscar de la Renta X Opening Ceremony

This one worked out even better than we thought it would. They're both purveyors of atypical silhouettes and wildly colorful prints. Oscar and Humberto need to have a sit down....

Alexander McQueen X J. Crew

It's a little bit country a little bit rock-and-roll and yet somehow none of what I just said. There's actually not much to say here except, look at it.