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How to Shop Teen Stores

We love teen stores. Back in the day, they were great for scoring Spice Girls lollipops, velvet bell-bottoms and body glitter. But we still shop them now. With size ranges almost as extensive as women's stores—but prices geared towards girls with allowances instead of salaries—we'd be kind of crazy not to take advantage. Instead of letting our teen store love affair die with frosted tips and TRL, we shop juniors labels just like we do Forever21, H&M or any other fast fashion giant.

Provided you know what to look for, teen clothing stores can offer some incredible finds—both staples and on-trend pieces—often for less than the cost of a Twilight ticket. Click through to find out what to buy at our favorites.


Swap out this dress's plastic-y belt for a more high-end option. No one will know it didn't come from Madewell.

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