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How to Wear False Eyelashes

The following is a guest post from our friends at The Budget Fashionista.

TBFer’s listen up: wearing false eyelashes isn’t just for your wedding day or for Halloween. In fact, using them is so easy that you can wear them every day. Now, we know what you’re thinking: fake eyelashes are well, fake. (And I don’t want to look like a church lady.)

Well, don’t worry about that because we give you tips for wearing fake eyelashes, including how to apply them correctly and how to trim the eyelashes yourself.

Choosing Your Lashes
False eyelashes look so natural with today’s technology. No longer are they stiff or awkward. Now, they come in flexible bands with real looking lashes. You can even buy single lashes just to give yourself a small amount of volume. If you’re new to using false lashes, start small with a pair for under $5.00 at your local drugstore (they’re usually located near the nail polish). Look for ones that are light with some space in between the lashes, to better blend with your real lashes.

The trickiest part about using fake eyelashes is gluing them on. They really only need a very small amount, and you should put them on starting with the interior of your eye moving outward. Just a tip, go ahead and put eyeliner on before you put your lashes on. Liquid liner is best because it’s thick and can hide the space between your false lashes and your real ones.

Blending Them In
You don’t want people to know you are using false eyelashes The best way to keep them looking natural is to first place the false lash on your eye BEFORE putting on the glue. While looking in the mirror, notice where your eyelashes end and the false lashes begin. Then take a tiny pair of scissors and trim the lashes to match your own (make sure to remove the false eyelash from your eye BEFORE doing this).

Once you have the lashes on, simply put mascara over both your false eyelashes and your real ones, to bind them together.

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