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Jessica Alba is Guest Blogging for Lucky Kids!

Hi! I’m really excited to be guest blogging for Lucky. All week long I’ll be sharing my favorite eco-friendly kid’s products. And don’t worry, eco-friendly does not have to be brown, bland and boring. I’ve always loved fashion and design and that didn’t stop when I became a mom. The only thing that’s changed is that now I look for products that are well-designed, as well as safe for my kids and the planet. Believe me, they’re not that easy to find.

That’s why I had to create Honest.com (my newest baby) and make finding cute, safe, eco-friendly products easier for parents. I’ll highlight some of what we offer throughout this week as I feature my favorites in different product categories each day. And I’ll also tell you a little bit about what to avoid in each category and why.

I’ve learned a lot since I was pregnant the first time and now I’m eager to share my tips and picks with others! Also, I look forward to reading your tips and recommendations in the comments!

Watch this space for Jessica's posts, which will run on Luckymag.com through February 1.

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