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Jimmy Choo's $165 Coffee Cup Sleeves Are Now On Net-a-Porter

We can't imagine anyone would argue against our including Jimmy Choo's new coffee cup sleeves on our gift guide for the one percent.

At $165 a pop, the leather sleeves cost more than many accessories we own (gloves, wallets, keychains, things with legitimate purposes). But they're also louder, with crocodile embossing and a logo snap announcing its presence immediately.

They're not exactly "quiet luxury," which is why we imagine Mariah Carey hoarding crates and crates of them in her ski house. Or, on the other side of it, Gwyneth Paltrow toting green tea in hers without realizing that it's not a universal thing.

But perhaps— for that friend who stashes gym clothes in a Birkin—they're the perfect gift, since unlike expensive candles or artfully arranged flowers, they'll last forever. Plus, they're nothing if not novel: we're willing to bet even your most Dowager Countess-like friend doesn't own one yet. (Unless she's been on Netaporter.com in the past few days where they just became available. So hurry.)

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