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Style Schifter: Best Hair Secret Ever!

The Kenneth Salon in the fabled Waldorf Astoria Hotel is a feminine hive, chic and buzzing with a mix of NYC ladies who lunch, hipster art dealers and young Park Avenue moms. Some want angled edgy cuts, others are just looking for shiny, bouncy blowouts for a big night out. The room is charming...a bit of a throwback to another era with Joe Eula illustrations and salon assistants running around in tidy uniforms with aprons.

Overseeing it all is stylist Kevin Lee who introduced me to another throwback, dry shampoo. Much has been made of the rebirth of dry shampoo. But I love Kenneth Dry Shampoo because it's invisible. It goes on clear, sprays clear and stays clear. Oscar Blandi also makes a clear one (available at Sephora). Blonds have always known that dry shampoo gives roots lift and volumizes the hair, removing oils as it goes. Now brunettes can go dry, too, without the ashy traces of the original white powder formulas.

If you're in NYC, go see Kevin Lee at 301 Park Avenue ((212) 752-1800). Otherwise, order the dry shampoo here.

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