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Grab Bags For Grown-Ups: The Social Shopping Site You Should Join Now

The Japanese celebrate New Year's Day with "Fukubukuro" or a "Lucky Bag Sale"—an event where vendors sell grab bags full of mysterious contents at discounted prices. After purchasing one of those Lucky Bags, customers often swap unwanted goodies with friends. "Little Black Bag," a new social shopping site that just launched today, is loosely based on that fun tradition. Only this version has way better swag.

Here's how it works: Upon joining, newcomers answer a simple quiz and pick the first piece for their very own "little black bag." (The choice is between hundreds of marked down items from major brands, including Betsey Johnson, Linea Pelle and BCBGeneration.)

Then, based on the user's selection, stylists choose 1 to 3 more items to accompany it, until the total value reaches $100. If satisfied with the result, users can buy the entire bag for only $49.99. If not, they can trade with other members until they are completely happy.

While there's no way to guarantee you receive a particular product, the surprise element of this concept is charming—it sort of reminds me of the pre-packaged treat bags labeled "boy" and "girl" I received at my school's Christmas fair growing up. (The best ever was when they gave my brother the wrong one. Double presents for me!) Colette in Paris also does a cute "grab bag" for around 25 euros.

What do you think? Is the element of surprise worth the money?

To get your own "Little Black Bag," click here to join for free.

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