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Lucky Haul: Kitty Proof Purchases

Alison Syrett
Digital Writer

My kitty Jenny's long flowing hair is what makes her so squeal-inducingly adorable. But that hair also regularly coats my apartment (and most of my clothing) in a downy white film. In most cases I can minimize the damage with lint rollers and a vacuum, but my rug—a big shaggy lint trap with extra long fibers—can not be salvaged. Crazy cat lady that I am, there only seemed to be one solution: buy a new carpet.

I found this cream and brown piece for only $139 on One King's Lane and I'm hoping the neutral colors will camouflage Jenny's inevitable shedding. Plus, since the weave is smaller, it will be harder for fur to get stuck.

Since it is nearly impossible for me to ever purchase one thing at a time, I couldn't resist poking around the site for other cute home goods. After passing up some colorful new sheets (not the right size), I decided on this cheerful blue quilt marked down to $149. I'll keep it at the foot of my bed to pull over myself while I read at night. And during the day? Well—chances are Jenny will probably end up sleeping on it. Some things just can't be helped.

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