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Madonna's Former Designer Invented Jeans That Make the Air Cleaner. No Really: They Make the Air Cleaner

Helen Storey Foundation

Here is my idea of eco-friendly products: Burt’s Bees chapstick, M.Patmos knits, Loomstate sundresses—things that are made with organic ingredients using sustainable methods. But maybe I need to think bigger scale, like Catalytic Clothing’s new jeans.

They’re coated with titanium dioxide, which removes harmful particles of nitrogen oxide from the air. So they don't just minimize their carbon footprint, they erase it. And then keep going.

The jeans, designed by a British scientist and Helen Storey, a designer who's made clothes for Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson, are traveling in exhibitions rather than selling in brick and mortar stores. If and when they do go on sale, will you buy them? (Despite all their air-cleaning goodness, they don't neutralize fart smells...if you were wondering.)

[New Scientist]

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