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New Faces On Project Runway Tomorrow Night and Tim Gunn's New Job

By way of digital cable and various network marathons, I can confidently state I've seen 99.9 percent of Project Runway's nine seasons. While a few memorable challenges stick out—a collection made from human hair—most of the contestants and clothing have blurred together in my mind. What I remember best about the show is its colorful cast of judges and mentors: Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Tim Gunn—none of whom will be returning for the tenth "All-Star" season, premiering tomorrow.

Since these personalities are so intrinsic to the competition's infrastructure, it'll be interesting to see how the successors—designers Georgina Chapman and Issaz Mizrahi, model Angela Lindvall and especially Joanna Coles (who is replacing the infamous Tim Gunn)—measure up. The Marie Claire editor recently told NYMag's fashion blog The Cut that she thinks viewers will appreciate her fresh point of view.

"I think having a female perspective helps," she said. "I found myself asking the designers, 'Why are you making an outfit that no one can wear underwear with?' Am I the only woman in America who wears underwear? I feel like my catchphrase in the workroom became, 'Well, what if she wants to wear underwear?'"

While Coles occupies Gunn's former spot in the Parson's workroom, the fashion mentor is taking on exciting new projects of his own. He is co-hosting a new show called "The Revolution," (it airs Jaunary 16 on ABC), which focuses on helping women make big lifestyle changes. Each episode will features five day transformation and ends with a "reveal day." This concept works well with Gunn's other new gig: a consultant for Weight Watchers. Of course, the style expert will put his own sartorial spin on the position: his duties include giving tips for dressing during weight loss and consulting on Jennifer Hudson's ad campaign.

How do you think this reality show edition of musical chairs will pan out? Do you think Gunn will be successful beyond his iconic role as Project Runway coach? Will you watch the Lifetime show with this radical new cast of judges? Let us know in the comments below.

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