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How to Create Volume—Without Sacrificing Shine

It’s a hairstyling Catch-22: If you want serious volume, something usually has to give in the soft-and-lustrous department. Yet Aveda global style director Antoinette Beenders manages to create hair that’s luxuriously full and glossy all at once. (Like she did on the runway for Jason Wu and Christian Siriano.) Here she shows us everything you need to go big:

Cheat Sheet

Instant Body
1. Spray a volumizing tonic onto the roots of dry hair and use a blow-dryer to set it. That will get you nice, natural-looking volume and bounce.

2. Lift dry hair up and spray an anti-humidity hair spray into the roots.

3. Puff Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion onto the roots of dry hair and massage the product in with your fingertips.

To get the prettiest results from dry shampoo…

Build. Use a little bit, massage it in and, if needed, use a little bit more until you achieve the desired result. The worst thing you can do is to overload with dry shampoo—it will make your hair look dull and dirty.

If you want extra body but need moisturizing and repair…

Always prep with Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair to strengthen and condition. From there, use your volumizing product of choice. Bonus: By adding the healing prep step, you actually get longer-lasting volume.

Shine without weight:
Mist a touch of shine spray on a big fluffy makeup brush and dust it over your hair for a glossy finish. That’s a great little trick—and works especially well on updos!

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