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Snap Poll: Do You Buy Off-Season Pieces?

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I don’t hoard tangles of jewelry or blow my rent money on ridiculously expensive shoes, but I do have a horrible, inane shopping habit: overnighting online purchases. For things that aren't time-sensitive (like, at all) it's stupid. Especially considering the host of sites that offer free shipping year round.

My pitfall's two-fold. First, I like instant gratification and second, I like peace of mind. And when I buy something new, I do so knowing I'll wear it— realistically— four days out of the following week, so my outfits feel fresh and exciting and, at the same time, figured out.

If this implies that these things I'm SO unnecessarily rush shipping are things I can wear immediately, it's because they are. And that's another part of the problem. With my impatience, I miss out on one of the things my savvier friends take full advantage of: off-season sales.

They're kind of brilliant, because while everyone probably wants one of those graphic We Are Handsome swimsuits, they don’t necessarily want one in January.

Or, you know, the parka Lauren spent so much money on that it makes me want to reach for a Xanax? If she’d been lucky enough to find it somewhere in August, it probably would’ve cost her just a proverbial arm and not a leg, too.

But hey, maybe I'm preaching to the choir and you're one of those savvy—and patient—shoppers I should really be more like. Are you? If not, you might want to click through for some pretty compelling reasons to get in on the off-season sale action. They might not excite you, but your bank statement will. Even I'm tempted to put some of these things in my checkout cart and then just sit back, let it ship regularly...and wait.

Originally: $290

Sandals that don't look weird at dressy occasions: a prerequisite, if we're going to spend more than $10 on them.

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