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Snap Poll: Do You Wear Red, White and Blue Together?


First things first: Carey Mulligan is British. I know this.

But when I saw her outfit from the London Film Critics' Circle last night, my first thought was still "hey, cool, she's brave enough to try the red, white and blue color combination that most of my friends won't." As American girls, they think it looks weirdly patriotic, too close to the star-spangled banner to wear any day other than the Fourth of July.

While I'm not sure if that thought process occurs in England or France or any other country with a red, white and blue flag, I do know this: Carey looked pretty amazing. She clearly chose that color palette intentionally, by slipping into a bright blue shoe instead of a more traditional black or nude option.

And maybe that's why the look works so well. Not just because of the '40s elegance of the tea-length Roland Mouret dress and simple YSL pumps, but because of their uncommon color pairing, too. Especially in outfits more formal than BBQ-ready, the combination looks fresh, not costume-y or themed. I'd wear it in a heartbeat. Would you?

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