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Snap Poll: Would You Wear a Brooch?

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There's a reason why Lucky's Ray Siegel put brooches in her gift guide for hip grandparents: they're inherently old lady-ish, like mirrored lipstick cases and nude stockings.  But I'd argue that they're not just for those who stock their medicine cabinets with Fixodent. Brooches are coming back. I swear.

It's partly because Michelle Obama loves them, and she's maybe one of the biggest influences on women's style in this country. And whether she pins a sparkly solitary brooch to her cocktail dress (like she did Tuesday) or a cluster, it's rare for her to go without them.

While I don't know how much of the brooch resurgence can be credited to the First Lady, I do know that they're definitely "back." Marni and Oscar de la Renta make ridiculously pretty, equally expensive ones, while Kenneth Jay Lane and Juicy Couture offer mid-priced versions. Even Topshop stocks $18 brooches next to their bangles and layers of necklaces. I'm pretty sure their clientele's average age is well under 40.

Personally, I like the notion of a brooch: it's versatile. Worn like Cate Blanchett did at the Oscars a few years ago, it's an easy way to make a relatively plain dress more distinct.

But brooches don't have to be all pretty and sparkly and prim, either. I've seen girls wearing animal motif ones on the lapels of their blazers and it toughened their look in a Balmain sort of way. I liked it, just as I like brooches with dresses. So yeah, I'd say I'm on board with the whole brooch thing. Are you?

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