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Snap Poll: Would You Wear a 'Knockoff' Dress?

Left, Fairchild Archive; Right, Asos

Half of my friends wore the same dress to senior prom: it was yellow, backless and an exact copy of the gown Kate Hudson wears in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

That was 2005. Now, knockoffs of high profile dresses are even more prevalent.  Kate Middleton hadn't even cut the cake at her reception, for example, before designers were busy replicating her wedding dress.  And it's not just those iconic ensembles that get the Xerox treatment, but lower profile dresses, too, like the Prada gown that Hailee Steinfeld wore to the SAG awards, at right.

Yet while I understand the logic behind such knockoffs—the originals are often remarkably distinct but rarely affordable—I'm not sure such literal translations are for me.

Even if I could guarantee most people weren't familiar with the the obsession-inducing original (like those prom dates, who probably didn't sit through How to Lose A Guy), I'd still feel sorta blah about wearing a copy. No matter how much I may love a certain dress—and yah, that Prada one's pretty high on my list—I'd rather opt for something that's more of a nod to the original than a full-body bow. That way, my inspired version would not only look similar to the original but also feel personal to me.

Of course, I have a slew of friends who disagree and would rather just buy the carbon copy than hunt for a similar alternative, which might step a bit farther off the aesthetic mark or cost a little more. Where do you stand?

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