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Six Statement Pants We're Kind Of Obsessed With

Since colored denim parked itself in every store we love from Rag & Bone to Forever21, we've started collecting the spectrum of dyed jeans much like we do nail polish colors. (Except denim is way more expensive, of course).

Since pretty much everyone else we know has done the same thing, our cobalt skinnies and mint green flares are no longer quite as head-turning. Which means it's time to switch from once-shocking solids to more distinctive, printed pants. Whether it's giant star graphics or more subtle floral washes, these trousers will set you apart from the rainbow of denim wearers. (Plus, in winter, they're an easy way to look polished even when you've got layers of tees, sweaters and a parka going on up top.)

A unique way to wear black and white all over.

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