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The. Best. Facial.

I like when the aesthetician uses a little elbow grease. The feeling of someone puttering around on my face—awful. The touch that’s too gentle—maddening. I love when a facialist uses pressure to massage in the various creams, and I don’t even mind a twinge of pain. A few days ago, Christina Zehavi*, founder of skincare brand Christina Cosmeceuticals, stood over me, her body slightly pitching forward for momentum as she did extractions, and cleansed my face as it had never been cleansed before. It was rigorous, thorough, and as I stepped out onto the street afterwards, I realized that my skin felt wondrously, uncharacteristically light, as if Christina had performed nothing short of an exorcism on it. She sent me home with Christina Clarifying Scrub—which I now use every night; post-wash my face feels almost as cleansed-from-the-inside-out as it did after that once-in-a-lifetime facial.

*If you find you love the products as much as me, consider a trip to Israel where Christina is based and click HERE to make your appointment!

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